The Inspectors Pictorial Reference provides full color visual examples of acceptance / rejection criteria which may be used for the design, manufacture and inspection of electrical / electronic equipment for high-reliability and space flight applications, and is a reference-only companion to the NASA Technical Standard, NASA-STD-8739 series of workmanship requirements documents.


The following classification terms are used to identify acceptable and unacceptable workmanship conditions:


PREFERRED – A condition that is close to “perfect”.


MANDATORY – A hard requirement that must be met.


ACCEPTABLE – A condition that may not be perfect, but meets the requirement.


UNACCEPTABLE – Does not meet the minimum requirement and that may be insufficient to ensure the form, fit, or function of the hardware in its end use.


Each Acceptance / Rejection Criteria example contains a reference to the applicable requirement(s) from the NASA Technical Standard Series, NASA-STD-8739.x. In instances where there is no specific requirement, the reference defaults to Best Workmanship Practice, which identifies a procedure, practice, or process attribute that has been demonstrated through use and experience, to result in a robust design and high reliability.


Special requirements may exist which are not covered by, or do not comply with, the visual examples depicted in this reference, and which are in conflict with the requirements specified in the NASA-STD-8739 series documents. Engineering documentation shall contain the details for such instances, and shall take precedence over appropriate sections of this reference and the requirements document.


Each Pictorial Reference is issued with a Control Copy Number, and all subsequent releases will be distributed in accordance with this numbering system. Each assignee will be required to remove and insert pages of each release in their assigned manual in accordance with instructions given on each release, to maintain an up-to-date and useful reference. Should an assignee no longer require a manual, it shall be returned to the Technology Division (NX) of Safety, Reliability, and Quality Assurance (SR&QA).

This document shall not be rewritten or reissued in any other form not approved by NASA.


The illustrations and photographs contained in this reference represent a compilation of workmanship and “best design practices” from currently used industrial, military, and NASA-approved workmanship standards, compiled from technical expert sources within NASA, and from the Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC).

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